An online exhibit of watercolor paintings of much traveled places.

by Gigi Campos

My life has always been marked by travel. I was transported to San Francisco, Los Angeles and finally Washington D.C. at the mere age of two due to my father's military assignments. After college studies, I had the privilege to travel and study in Japan, England and the United States thanks to my work at the Ateneo Center for Educational TV. Even my married life was plentiful in travel : participation in exhibits led us to Japan, Honkong and even Germany.

This life full of travel gave a new dimension to my true passion - art. Laying my eyes upon the works of painters in faraway lands--such as the works of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona--gave me a deeper love and appreciation for artistic creation. 

One's passion is of great personal importance; following a dull routine, day in and day out can lead to stress, drudgery or worse - depression. On the other hand, one's passion allows one to not only find their best self and to receive the world's many lessons. Through my visiting of many PLACES, I learned to be grateful for all the things I had been through in life, both the good and bad, and also realized how precious life is.

One's passion is also inherently communal. My art led me to interact with like-minded kindred spirits via a shared humanity. These many relationships brought me to the realization of how little I knew about the world and the people living in it. 

This realization made me want to learn more and to do more. Most of the things that we see on television and social media platforms are not the truth. We see what other people want us to see. It is when we visit different PLACES that we see things for what they really are. 

The two year lockdown and quarantine due to the pandemic afforded me time to further pursue my passion unhindered. 

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My first online exhibit of watercolor paintings - VISIONS AND VERSIONS last July 16, 2021 showcased my paintings of Frida Kahlo and Folk Art.

This 2nd online exhibit PLACES will showcase a collection of watercolor paintings of PLACES - places where I could go back to again and again. It is for the benefit of the Kalipay Negrense Foundation, Inc., an organization that brings joy to disadvantaged children in Negros Island in the Philippines.

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