Current Exhibit: Whispers in Blue

3rd Online Watercolor Exhibit opening 1 May 2024

Whispers in Blue is the latest exhibit of watercolor paintings from Gigi Campos. Part of the proceeds will be given to Ugyon Cancer Support Group Bacolod and its projects.

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About the Exhibit

Gigi’s latest exhibit of watercolors depicting various roles of the geisha in blue and white is a stunning exploration of elegance and tradition. Each piece captures the essence of the geisha's multifaceted existence, from graceful entertainers to skilled artisans and cultural icons. The use of blue and white hues adds a sense of purity and refinement, enhancing the ethereal beauty and mystique of the geisha world.

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About the Artist

Gigi Campos on Watercolor

The artistic journey of Gigi Campos traces her evolution from childhood doodles to her latest passion for watercolor painting. Initially intimidated by the medium, Gigi's perseverance and exposure to different techniques transformed her perception, leading to a profound artistic exploration.

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