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Gigi Campos: on Watercolor

As a young girl, Gigi Campos already had a penchant for making images on paper.

In her elementary years, she recalls doodling in class. Doodles eventually evolved

to more formal freehand drawings of faces and hands. She was always chosen by

her classmates to do the artwork for projects and moved on to designing

costumes for school plays. 

The many chapters of Gigi’s pages bear one common theme: TO CREATE. Gigi is

an interior designer, a basket maker, a mosaic artist, and a teacher. And since

2017, her rediscovery of painting has been her latest source of fulfillment and


Gigi has long held a yearning to paint in watercolor. Her first encounter with the medium sparked a journey that would take her to Visions and Versions.

At a 3-day advanced watercolor workshop with painter Edbon Sevilleno, a

master at painting landscapes in watercolor, Gigi learned to appreciate the strict discipline that came with the skill, quite different from oil, which Gigi had dabbled in before. 

“I felt my output was a total disaster. I guess I was intimidated because Edbon is

so good and every stroke and effect looked so easy for him,” she recalls.

That held hope for Gigi. She took inspiration from her sister Baboo who had taken the same workshop with her and had already staged several one-woman shows.

Just a few months after that first encounter with watercolor, Gigi's cousin, the painter Beth Jarantilla held a travel sketching workshop at Gigi’s house in

Bacolod City. That shifted Gigi’s interest in watercolor to high gear. 

“Beth showed us how to create different effects through various techniques. I was amazed at the results that happened mostly by accident,” she says. “Indeed it is true what they say, that when your intention is complete, as my intention to learn watercolor painting was, somehow things come together and the result happens.” Beth held five more workshops and Gigi attended all of them. 

From the byways of Bacolod to the highway of cyberspace, Gigi’s watercolor journey proceeds. With thanks to Edbon Sevilleno whose masterpieces sustained Gigi’s vision and to Beth Jarantilla who came along and got Gigi to where she needed to be. 

You are now entering Visions & Versions. 

Population 1: Gigi Campos

Gigi Campos lives and works in Bacolod City, Philippines.

(The artwork depicting the artist Gigi in her studio and used in the exhibit invitation is by Raymond Legaspi (@silaynonartist.)